Sourcing, Improving and Product Development

F&J Industry Co. LTD deals with a large variety of products from many sectors, from simple to advanced product, there are many aspects to be considered as Standards(CE, UL, ROHES), raw material, design, weight, size and so on, we have 2 main teams that cover the 3 important issues of products characteristics in Improvement, Development or Sourcing products, in each team we have industrial engineers, industrial designers, QC and sourcing personel, each one of the teams are specialized in those fields, and the good results come as a big smile on our clients faces, we will learn carefully your products needs according to your request and we will make it happen for you

Products Category contains some of the products we are dealing with…

F&J Industry experts suggests to work with experienced manufacturers, high technology machines and skilled stuff that use high quality raw material for each product, in this way we reduce many problems caused by bad machinery, not skilled stuff and low quality raw material, our customers knows that quality is our main concern and for the best service is why we here for.

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  • Product development from the first steps of the idea to draws then choosing the right raw material, checking the standards aspects, built a professional sketch plan for molding to a final prototype.
  • Product sourcing we have powerful tools and a professional team that knows to source and find any product that was manufactured in china.
  • Product improvement many times to have a hot sell product you just need to improve something in an exist product and you will have the right product for your actual market needs.
  • Consult Service first consultation before development or product improvement
  • Sourcing a proper manufacturer with high quality of machineries and ability protected by a strong contract.
  • Q.C Service and quality assurance for your order with us or as third party monitoring for your production.
  • Factory & Social Audit (FA & SA)
  • Initial Production Check (IPC)
  • Sourcing PO Management
  • During Production Inspection (DURPO)
  • Container Loading Check (CLC)
  • Production Monitoring
  • Laboratory Testing (LT), (CE, EMC, EN71, RoHS)

With F&J it's easy

There are many different aspects to be considered in a successful products and business sourcing. What are the criterias in selecting a proper sourcing partner? How to choose a factory, forwarder, carrier or broker? Is there a proper agreement in place to define responsibilities, liabilities and settlement? Are all the product specs and production processes well communicated and properly documented? Any compliance issue that would pertain to the product intended to be imported? How about the trade terms? The real challenge is to put all these details together and construct a total plan by us for each order, that covers all above aspects and that succeeds to collaborate between all aspects in order to achieve success in each one of your orders. With years of actual supply chain experience from design, production to logistics, we are capable in working out a practical plan with all details considered, and implementing the plan for our customers.