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Business Solutions; Whether it is setting up operations in China, or tapping into China’s Market potential, many of our customers are experiencing great business success because we will always will go further out in our minds to give you our best possible services and each time better than before...  more
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In product development and manufacturing the most important thing we highly concern when developing or manufacturing a product is to use only high quality raw material and this issue is a “must” rule   more
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Quality Control is a range of inspection services to meet the standards needs of companies having goods manufactured in China. We understand the importance of ensuring goods...  more

Manufacturing processes in China

The process of development or improvement of the products can be very dangerous in terms of cost and a waste of precious time if you don’t know how to plan or can't control each stage of the process, We the experts of F&J will take you by the hand from the beginning of the process with a full detailed plan through all the process while we analyze each completed stage and planning the next stage, you just need to confirm to us that each completed stage is according to your plan, this is what we call the right partnership when each side does what he is an expert in, to serve the needs of each company in order to grow up

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Manufacturing Processes
Manufacturing Processes
Manufacturing Processes
Manufacturing Processes
Manufacturing ProcessesManufacturing Processes