F&J provides professional consulting services for sourcing products from China. We deliver integrated sourcing supply chain solutions that involve products development, engineering, production, quality assurance, factory audit, inspection, business contract, vendor management, logistics and customs applications. Combined engineering and commerce capabilities are our strength. We possess a solid knowledge and practical experience about the commercial systems in China. We develop optimized sourcing solutions for purchase order management and logistics management through our supply chain visibility and control programs. We streamline operation processes, boost performance, trim wastes, and reduce risks for our customer's overall sourcing operation. We managed to develop the most practical and optimized China sourcing solutions through our progressive efforts in learning, exploring and continuous improvement.

Our Vision

F & J INDUSTRY CO. LIMITED has over 12 years of work history in the field of manufacturing in China. This gives us the expertise in developing and delivering optimized operation processes, from products development, production, quality control, purchase order management, shipping, logistics and compliance. We believe our continuous effort on creating value for our business partners will make us a long-standing and high-performance business. We don't treat profit as the purpose of the business, but rather, as a result of our contribution. We see great potential and mutual benefit in trade and economic cooperation between China and the US. We are confident and proud of our capabilities in helping businesses and individuals that are devoted to promote trade between the two counties. Being resourceful is always our starting point. For us, the value of being a resource is far beyond monetary significance. It is also the most enjoyable part in our daily business life.

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F&J Wenzhou, China

Our office is located in east of China, the most famous industrial manufacturing city - Wenzhou,Zhejiang Province. It's very near to Ningbo and Shanghai, and convenient to arrange shipment for both air and sea.


Wenzhou, China

Wenzhou, China

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