We provide professional consulting services for sourcing and developing products from China. We deliver integrated sourcing supply chain solutions that involve products development, engineering, production, quality assurance, factory audit, inspection, business contract with factories, vendor management, logistics and customs applications. Combined engineering and commerce capabilities are our strength, we also gives consulting services as a third party opinion, business plans and marketing forecast, Professional project in China with good results cannot be done without local experts who have proven experience. They must be the right lawyers, translators, managers, engineers and technologists who know all the difficulties and complexities of dealing with China and Chinese suppliers.

F & J INDUSTRY CO. LIMITED develops optimized sourcing solutions for purchase order management and logistics management through our supply chain visibility and control programs. We streamline operation process, boost performance, trim wastes, and reduce risks for our customer's overall sourcing operation. We hold a solid knowledge and long practical experience about the dynamic commercial systems in China in three main sectors: 1. Import from China and deep examine of the Chinese market with our powerful knowledge tools for each product. 2. Export to China and establish business in China. 3. Business development in China. The Chinese market is open and we wish you a huge success.


Business Success in China It's no secret that today China is rapidly developing as a "world factory". Many companies and firms today are experiencing a successful and profitable business, leaving competitors far behind... Outside investors look at China either as a great, undeveloped market with huge growing potential, or as a hopelessly backward market. Most of the time, these outlooks are heavily influenced by the general world economic outlook. In fact, China is an underdeveloped country with limited infrastructure, but growing purchasing potential. It now offers one of the best skilled workforces at very competitive wages. As more companies invest in China, this money will work itself more widely into the economy.

Our Tip: For companies wanting to sell in China by using local buyers or by opening a chain of stores, it is wise to start small, and then grow with and according to the market. In any new business venture, there is a learning curve, and mistakes will be made. A smart manager tries to keep these mistakes from being too costly. During this initial investment and learning phase, it's best to harbor resources. There may be a temptation to make a large investment because everyone is going to China, but many of these large-scale investments have turned into very costly mistakes. For a large corporation, they can justify these large investments, and even losses, because investment in China was a strategic decision. However, the price is often that the executives who were involved in the initial phase of the investment were burned out by the experience, and valuable people were lost in ocean of bureaucracy. Business success in China is a marathon, not a sprint. Run it that way.


  • Product development from the first steps of the idea to draws then choosing the right raw material, checking the standards aspects, built a professional sketch plan for molding to a final prototype.
  • Product sourcing we have powerful tools and a professional team that knows to source and find any product that was manufactured in china.
  • Product improvement many times to have a hot sell product you just need to improve something in an exist product and you will have the right product for your actual market needs.
  • Consult Service first consultation before development or product improvement
  • Sourcing a proper manufacturer with high quality of machineries and ability protected by a strong contract.
  • Q.C Service and quality assurance for your order with us or as third party monitoring for your production.
  • Factory & Social Audit (FA & SA)
  • Initial Production Check (IPC)
  • Sourcing PO Management
  • During Production Inspection (DURPO)
  • Container Loading Check (CLC)
  • Production Monitoring
  • Laboratory Testing (LT), (CE, EMC, EN71, RoHS)